Remote Learning January 2021

Remote Learning is of a high quality and aligns as closely as possible with the in school provision and curriculum wherever possible and appropriate. The class teachers will set work across all areas of the curriculum.

We teach the same curriculum remotely as we do in school wherever possible and appropriate. However, we may need to make some adaptations in some subjects. For example art, music, and design technology can be difficult to deliver remotely in line with our curriculum plans but will form part of the curriculum where possible. PE may not be in line with our curriculum plans but will be provided and will take the form of making sure the children are active.

Our full remote learning plan can be found here: Providing remote education information to parents/carers

We recognise that some children may not have suitable online access at home and will support those children to access remote education where we can. 

In some circumstances, the school will lend children a laptop/ Chromebook to use for the duration of remote learning at home.

This will be under a Device Loan Agreement

Should you have difficulties with access to the internet, please contact school as we have 4G data cards we can give you.