Our school facilities develop!

Infant toilets2

Work began on our Early Years toilets in the summer.



The room where Mrs Bowker and Mrs Etchells deal with the schools admin work had to be redesigned.

The partition wall was assembled

A huge partition wall was created in the hall to enable the builders to work through the winter months and allow us to function while they extend the hall!


A change to the structure of the admin room.

The external hall wall was then knocked out!


A windy space behind the partition…


The landscape being prepared for the initial steel work.

The landscape being prepared for the initial steel work.

The footings and base complete.

The concrete base is put down fro the hall and library.

Now the construction really can begin.

Now the construction really can begin. The steel work arrived.

The steel stilts

The steel frame for the classroom, resources room, habitat wall, toilet block and small teaching room is being constructed.

Completed toilets

The new Early Years toilets are nearly finished…A new mirror is needed and a bit of snagging to be done. Other than that we’re pleased with the result and thanks to Bob Humphrey Taylor and Andy Sokill for their paint work!

The office in use

The office up and running. Miss Bailey undertaking the duties for the office and Mrs Hewetson carrying out Friends of Mellor work!

The steel floor

The extensive ground works continue. It really is a huge floor print.

The steel platform

The view at the back of year 4 classroom and the Out of School Care room. Here you can see the framework set out for the canopied area and new rooms.

Glulam frames

…and this is what arrived today! A new part of the structure…something known as a glulam frame. We’ll keep you posted as these take shape.


Habitat Wall :

Following the letter released last week about the habitat wall, a few parents have already volunteered their services or indicated they can help with materials. It would be lovely to see the community develop this aspect with the children…So… please feel free to contact school and send back the reply slip offering your help in some way!

Glulam frames

The giant glulam frames are being constructed on site…these wooden structures are an major feature of the design.

First upright

The first upright went in today…exciting stuff!

Glulam frames 2

This was the position as of the afternoon of Friday 14th November. So much has happened in a short space of time…

Glulam 3

The structure really taking shape!

Floor work started

Work on the flooring has started…

The walls begin to form

The walls begin to develop!

A roof

A section of roof and a few partition walls can be seen today. Monday 15th December.

The overview

Spot the difference!

View inside the classroom

A view from inside the classroom…looking out through the doors!


The scaffold is up to build the habitat wall.


The decking outside the classroom has had the framework established.


Work on the hall is accelerating quickly…


A view inside the classroom…The wall seen is where the straw bale insulation will be placed. Small viewing panels can be seen at diagonal positions to one another.

Classroom detail

The first fix for the cladding to attached.

The first habitat wall piece

The first piece of the ‘Habitat Wall’ is fixed.

The hall

The brick work for the hall is complete.


We were visited by William Wragg (candidate for parliament) and Nicky Morgan – Secretary of State. Governors were able to talk about our school; the developments over recent years; learning and Education Policy.

Habitat wall

Discussing the Habitat Wall.

Canopy classroom 2


The hall extension is well underway.

outdoor area 2

The outdoor learning space awaits flooring and canopy cover…but it is nearly finished!

straw bales

Straw bale mountain in the new classroom. The bales are to be used for the insulation of the room.

bale wall

This how the bales look now…

The first developments of the Habitat Wall. A hive of activity!

A great team of children, parents, architects from Sarah Wigglesworth Architects, members of our construction team at MPS builders, governors and staff. Thanks everyone.

sarah w2 sarah w Habitat wall 1 Fran and Eleanor DSCF3663 DSCF3661 DSCF3660 DSCF3658


straw bale window

A view of the straw bale wall…

log ends

One of the several log end sections.

habitat wall as of 170515

The Habitat Wall is really taking shape.

Saturday team

Members of our parental volunteer team..

split logs

Split logs add fantastic texture.



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