Our Ethos

In order to ensure our children have the best possible start to their education and that everyone shares the same approach, belief and identity, we have a core set of principles to guide us.

Mission Statement

Our caring village school encourages and develops your child’s full potential.

In our pursuit of excellence we inspire your children to learn, create and succeed, to be proud of their achievements and become a valued member of society.

Aims of the School

  • To provide a safe, healthy and secure environment in which every individual is encouraged and supported to grow and develop into their full potential and beyond, in all aspects of life.
  • To provide a memorable, rich and varied curriculum, encompassing individual needs and foster a love of learning.
  • To foster a sense of belonging which celebrates the achievements of each unique individual and of the wider community, built on strong personal relationships.
  • To build positive, meaningful relationships with the community and the wider world.
  • To help individuals understand their responsibility, to be valued members of a society which recognises tolerance, equality, diversity and to value and care for the natural world.
  • To look forward to the future and adjust positively to changes in the social, economic, political and technological status quo.
  • The Learning and Teaching Policy of Mellor Primary School serves as a core statement of whole school approach and strategy.
  • It informs staff, governors and parents how teaching and learning is planned for and organised.
  • It ensures children at Mellor Primary School have the best possible start to their education and that everyone involved in school can share a common approach, belief and identity.

Mellor Childrens Expectations

Childrens Charter

School Motto

To do our BEST to
Be valued


Mellor Primary School – Making People Shine!