Meet the Team

Many more people than you would expect are involved within the school.  Nine teachers support the Headteacher who also teaches for a proportion of his time.  The school also employs teaching assistants, peripatetic teachers, a caretaker, lunchtime organisers and out-of-school care supervisors.  Many of the governors are active within the school during school hours and a number of parents also help on a voluntary basis.  It is a truly dedicated team effort. A total of 35 staff.

Headteacher & Designated Safegarding Lead
Mr J Nicholson
Deputy Headteacher & SENCo
Ms G Parkin
Class Teachers:
Year 6 Teacher
Mrs I Tittershill & Mrs A Bergin
Year 5 Teacher Mrs L Jackson (Mat Leave) & Mr B Roscoe
Year 4 Teacher
Miss N Withers
Year 3 Teacher
Miss Haynes, Ms G Parkin, Mrs Townley (Mat Leave)
Year 2 Teacher
Miss J Tweedie
Year 1 Teacher
Mrs P Burnett
Early Years Teacher
Mrs C Boardman
Other Teaching Roles:
Early Years Nursery Team
Mrs S Goodfellow & Mrs M Hargreaves
Forest School Practitioner
Mrs C Skelly
PPA Cover & Supply Teachers
Mrs S Fenteman, Mr P Sherwood,
Mrs S Berry, Mrs W Rabin, Mrs B Ansty
Teaching Assistants:
Mrs J Haynes
Mrs S Fenteman
Mrs A Harrison
Miss R Bailey
  Mrs S Boardman
  Mrs S Yuill
  Miss K Ward
  Mrs O Shah
Out-of-School Care:
Mrs M Turner
Deputy Leaders
Mrs H Firmston, Mrs K Myers
Additional Assistants
Mrs J Haynes, Mrs A Brown, Mrs G Thompson Mrs J. Sobierajski, Miss R Bailey, Mrs A Wintrip
Mid-day Assistants:
Mid-day Supervisor
Mrs A Brown
Mid-day Assistant
Mrs J Haynes
Mid-day Assistant
Mrs O Shah
Mid-day Assistant Mrs A Wintrip
Mid-day Assistant
Mrs J Sobierajski
Mid-day Assistant
Mrs G Thompson
Mid-day Assistant
Mrs S Boardman
Mid-day Assistant
Mrs S Fenteman
Mid-day Assistant
Mrs S Yuill
Mid-day Assistant
Mrs K Ward
Mid-day Assistant
Miss R Bailey
Office Staff:
School Business Manager
Mrs A Bowker
School Admin Manager
Mrs W Sinclair
Admin Assistant Miss R Bailey
Mrs S Mochan
Kitchen Staff:  
Mrs T Combey
General Assistant Mrs A Donovan
Mrs S Goldsworthy
Caretaking & Cleaning
Mr G West
Mrs J Haynes