Governance Information

The Academy Trust

As an academy school, Mellor has an Academy Trust which is a charitable company which has overall responsible for the academy and control over the land and other assets.  It has a strategic role in running the academy, but management of the school is delegated to the Members and Trustees.

As charitable companies are limited by guarantee, every trust has members who have a similar role to the shareholders of a company limited by shares. They:
 are the subscribers to the trust’s memorandum of association (where they are founding members)
 may amend the Articles of Association (the Articles include a definition of the Trust’s charitable objects and governance structure) subject to any restrictions in the articles or in the Trust’s funding agreement or charity law
 have powers to appoint and remove Trustees in certain circumstances
 appoint the Trust’s auditors and receive the Trust’s audited annual accounts (subject to the Companies Act).

Our Members

  Member                                                           Date of Appointment
  Mr Mike Barley                                                 30.09.16

Mrs Lynda Gwyther                                          30.09.16

Mr Tom Howling                                               10.03.20

Mr John Longworth                                           25.06.20

Mrs Susan Pollard                                            25.06.20

Articles of Association

Governance arrangements of the Academy are constituted under the academy’s Articles of Association which describe the powers of Trustees (Governors), and the procedures and rules governing them. For example, as well as defining the membership of the Governing Board, the Articles set out the quorum and notice periods required for meetings. The Articles were amended and agreed through a special resolution of the Members on 2nd July 2019  when the Academy Articles of Association – DfE February 2016 version was adopted.

Funding Agreement

The Academy’s Funding Agreement DfE March 2018v7 version describes the framework in which Mellor Primary operates. Our first Deed of Variation to Funding Agreement updated the agreement to how much General Annual Grant that the Education and Skills Funding Agency and Mellor Primary agreed  to be carried forward across financial years. Deed of Variation January 2019 was agreed following the update to the Articles which followed the latest DfE version at the time.

The Governing Board

The Governing Board manages the academy on behalf of the Members of the Academy Trust. The key responsibilities are to:

  • ensure the quality of educational provision
  • challenge and monitor the performance of the Academy
  • manage the Academy Trust’s finances and property
  • employ staff

The Trustees (also known as Governors) of the Academy Trust are also its company directors. 
The Board of Trustees manages the business of the Academy Trust and should focus strongly on the three core functions of governance:
 ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
 holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils, and the performance management of staff
 overseeing the financial performance of the organisation and making sure its money is well spent.
The Trustees must ensure compliance with the trust’s charitable objects and with company and charity law, and adherence to the trust’s funding agreement with the Secretary of State.

Our Trustees

Mellor’s Trustees are committed to ensuring the school serves the Mellor community by providing exceptional primary education within a caring, family atmosphere.

The Trustees have long term plans to develop the existing facilities, and keep Mellor Primary School at the forefront of education.

The board is deeply committed to ensuring accountability exists as well as acting as a ‘critical friend’ to Mellor’s headteacher.

  Trustee   Term of Office
  Mr Jim Nicholson Head teacher Ex Officio
  Prof David Hoult Chair 26.05.20 – 25.05.24
  Mrs Lynda Gwyther Co-opted Trustee 01.10.11 – 30.09.23
  Mr Bob Humphrey-Taylor Co-opted Trustee 01.10.11 – 30.09.23
  Mrs Kit Aldred Co-opted Trustee 01.10.11 – 30.09.23
  Mrs Leanne Ashton Parent  Trustee 21.09.20 – 20.09.24
  Mr David Johnson Appointed 25.06.20 – 24.06.24
  Mrs Helen Greatorex Appointed 25.06.20 – 24.06.24
  Mrs Katherine Scott Appointed 25.06.20 – 24.06.24
  Mr Paul Armstrong  Parent Trustee 17.05.21 – 16.05.25


Our Trustees meet termly as a full Governing Board. There are two main sub-committees – Education & Standards,  Finance & Resources – who also meet termly and a number of other working groups that meet on an ad-hoc basis to deal with specific issues.

The Education and Standards Committee is responsible for monitoring the School Development Plan, the schools aims, ethos and values, target setting and academic standards, the curriculum, special educational needs, inclusion, safeguarding and behavioural issues.

The Finance and Resources Committee Is responsible for strategic financial planning, annual budget setting, financial monitoring and ensuring the school obtains value for money.

Mellor Primary Governance Structure revised (June 2020)

Register of Business Interests

Please click on link below to see our current Governors’ Register of Business Interests

Declaration of Business Interests Register 2020-2021 (updated 25.05.21)


You can contact the Trustees via the school office.