Financial Information

Funding Agreement

The Funding Agreement is the contract between the Secretary of State for Education and the academy and sets out the terms on which the academy is funded. Please also see the Deed of Variation – an update to the original Funding Agreement.

The Funding Agreement specifies how the academy is run, its duties and the powers the Secretary of State has over the academy. The Funding Agreement is the method by which academies are held accountable to the Department for Education (DfE).   In places the Funding Agreement makes specific references to existing legislation to ensure that academies operate in a similar fashion to other state-funded schools and that there is parity between academies and other state schools.  Funding Agreements are not static and may be updated as the law and policy relating to academies changes.

Additional Funding – Pupil Premium (see also under pupil premium section)

Pupil Premium is additional funding provided by the Department for Education to enhance the education of children from low-income families who were eligible for free school meals and children who have been looked after continuously for more than six months.

The amount of Pupil Premium allocated to Mellor Primary school for the financial year commencing April 2016 is £18,810 and is being used to provide targeted intervention for children with low attainment in core subject areas and emotional needs.

It is used to provide programmes for pastoral support and additional one to one or small group intervention to improve pupils’ progress.

The impact arising from expenditure of the Pupil Premium has been a demonstrable improvement in reading, writing and mathematics as well as improved outcomes in emotional well being.

Annual Reports and Financial Statements

Annual Report and Financial Statement Year Ended 31 August 2019

Audit Management Letter Year Ending 31 August 2019

Annual Report and Financial Statement Year Ended August 2018

Audit Management Letter Year Ending 31 August 2018

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Sports Funding

Please take a look at how we allocate our school sports funding in the document link below.

Mellor Primary School Sports Premium 2019-2020

Mellor Primary School Sports Premium 2018- 19