About Us

Mellor Primary School is very much a school at the heart of the community. Presently we have over 220 pupils from nursery age to year 6.

In October 2011 the school became a primary Academy; the first primary school in Stockport to convert independently. This means we are no longer controlled by the Local Authority, but funded directly from the Department of Education. This gives us much greater flexibility and freedoms to manage the school to meet the specific needs of our pupils.

We have a total of 7 classes from Reception through to year 6. Our pupil admission number is set at 30 per year. In addition we also have a 16 place Nursery with 15 hours free entitlement to be used in the morning and an option of either using 30 hours entitlement or fee paying in the afternoon.

The school day starts at 8.55am and finishes at 3.15pm.  We run an Out-of-School Care Scheme which offers care before and after school hours from 7.30am until 6.00pm.

As the school has expanded so to has the number of staff, as we believe the greatest resource to support learning is the quality and ratio of staff to children. There are over 30 staff at Mellor including teachers, classroom assistants and a range of support staff.

The school provides an enriched curriculum which is broad and balanced in order to provide opportunities for all children to develop their personal skills and shine in the areas which they may have a special talent. We aim for children to exceed their potential.

Children have the opportunity to play a range of musical instruments and we have a school orchestra and choir.  We take part in a number of sporting activities, playing matches against local schools in the area and further afield.

We have a wide range of before and after-school clubs which include: lacrosse; netball; football; gardening; ‘active kids’; dance; homework club; karate; forest school club; orchestra and choir.