SATS Results

Outcomes for Key Stage 2 data 2015/16

Table to show the outcomes for Key Stage 2 data 2015-16

The table outlines the outcomes of our children for the academic year 2015-16.

The assessment protocol for this year was very different and parents may find the information below helpful to understand the data set.

  • Children are tested in Maths and Reading as well a separate Grammar,Punctuation and Spelling test
  • Writing is teacher assessed with some schools externally moderated by trained professionals. Mellor was externally moderated.
  • Nationally the attainment significantly dropped due to the increased standard of expectation.
  • The progress of children on this year’s test was built upon outcomes from a different assessment regime.
  • The tested outcomes for Key Stage 2 are compared to teacher assessment outcomes at Key Stage 1.
  • The progress numbers are difficult to define but as a rule of thumb anything below -1 or above 1 would have some statistical significance.
  • The standard of attainment is related to children’a ability.
  • Every class of children is very different in its make up.
  • The progress measure is very much related to the children’s starting points at Key Stage 1.

What conclusions can we draw from this data set?

  • Our Maths and writing scores were very positive in all areas.
  • Our children’s attainment and average scores were higher than the National Outcomes and very strong for this year group.
  • Our reading progress score was a very small number below the National of 0.
  • This class of children experienced significant growth with children joining school as late as year 6. This proved statistically significant (mobility factor).

What do we need to do to improve outcomes for children?

  • Focus on raising standards in reading.
  • Specifically raise the challenge for boys reading outcomes.

Key Stage 2 SATS Results 2014/15

Subject Level 4+ Level 5+ Level 6
Reading 91% 43%
Writing * 86% 48%
Maths 91% 57% 10%

* Teacher Assessment

Note: Each child out of a class of 22 accounts for nearly 5% and figures are rounded to the nearest whole number. One child’s outcomes can significantly affect the overall statistics.


Expected progress is defined by the government as 2 levels of progress between KS1 (Yr2) and KS2 (Yr6).  3 levels is above expected progress.

Subject       Expected Progress     Above expected progress

Reading                     95%                               18%

Writing                       95%                               32%

Maths                         95%                               50%


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